Professional Trading Based on 25+ Years of Experience

Dunamis International Company Limited, established in 1997, stands as the premier distributor of branded mobile phones in Hong Kong. Our extensive portfolio and competitive pricing allow us to penetrate markets globally, spanning North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia.

With annual sales exceeding USD 800 million and a distribution volume of over 2 million units, Dunamis is recognized as the most reliable partner in the industry. Our vast experience and robust global network enable us to offer comprehensive market insights and logistical support, ensuring the success of our clients.

To meet the substantial daily demands of our customers and maintain optimal liquidity, we stock an inventory exceeding USD 50 million. This significant inventory allows us to provide same-day delivery services, helping our partners minimize delivery times and mitigate price fluctuations.

Understanding the critical importance of security in our business, we maintain stringent measures with our 70 employees operating within a 17,000 square feet facility monitored by 100 CCTV cameras with no blind spot, ensuring maximum security and efficiency. Additionally, we offer superior packaging services, including custom-tailored options to meet the specific needs of our clients.

At Dunamis International, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and security, solidifying our position as the trusted leader in mobile phone distribution.